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Update 12.16.2014
Changers: Mounts: Overlord's Aegis: increased movement speed. June Dreadnought: increased movement speed. Overlord's Throne: increased movement speed. Beam of Fire: increased damage by 3% Beam of Ice: increased damage by 3% Beam of Electricity: increased damage by 3% Scorching Ray: increased damage by 10% Missile Barrage: increased damage by 15% Rocket Burst: increa...
Update 12.05.2014
Changers: Healer: Abilities Holy Blast and Celestial Judgement give chance 45% to get the effect of Fanaticism Increased the damage of the ability Holy Blast and Celestial Judgement by 20% Ability Frenzy gives opportunity to get the effect Frenzy with chance 10% Ability Unbridled Wrath increases the chance to get the effect Frenzy on 2\4\6% Ability Blessed Resolution: red...
Update 11.27.2014
Сhanges: Warden: The ability Great Hunt increases the damage of pet by 50% for 30 sec Increased the damage of Open Wound by 10% Increased the damage of Lightning Strike by 5% Increased the damage of Flash Lightning by 5% Increased the damage of Wolf's Blow by 10% Increased the damage of Clout by 10% Heightened Senses gives 7\14\14% of armor. Increased the damage of the...
Update 11.18.2014
Сhanges: Scout: Increased the damage of Tesla Arrows by 25% Reduced the energy costs of Double Shot The ability Marksmanship was increased the damage by 7\14\21% Increased the damage of Incendiary Arrows by 15% and increased the duration time by 15 sec Increased the damage of ability Eagle Vision by 2\4\6% Necromancer: Now Wandering Fever instantly fir...
Update 11.05.2014
Сhanges: Schedules of Events for November: 11.06.2014 - Lottery: Archeologist's Strongbox. Duration: 7 days. [spoiler]Description: The player who has opened the most Radiant Strongboxes in a day will win an Enchanted Dragon Hide Backpack! You can buy Radiant Strongboxes from the Item Shop in the Chests section. As soon as the winner is decided the Radiant Strongbox...
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