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Update 10.20.2014
Сhanges: Scout: Increased a damage of the effect of the bleeding wound, received by the spell Crippling Blow, by 15% Reduced the cooldown of the spell Caltrops by 55\50\45 seconds Reduced the cooldown of the spell Sambo Roll by 25\20\15 seconds Increased the damage of the ability Fencing Master by 2\4\6\8% Increased the damage of melee at...
Update 10.15.2014
Сhanges: Nihil: Reduced the base damage of a boss. Fixed a spell Storm blades. Reduced damage of protective turrets. Sihal: Reduced the base damage of the boss. Reduced damage of illusions of Sihal Reduced damage of Plague Shadow Reduced damage of a spell Breath of Darkness World: The cooldawn of Scroll oblivion reduced to 7 days Fixed Epic Case of the Gem Maker Item Ma...
Update 10.09.2014
Сhanges: Arena of Death: Reduced the minimum amount of players required to start the battle Dominion: Increased the amount of visits the dominion to 7 times a week World: Now the spell 'Gallop' increases the speed of any mounts to 15 m\s. Fixed bug Crystal Tear of the Dragon, due to which could be consumed unit of tears. The chance of drop of the Broken Glyph was...
Update 10.01.2014
Сhanges: Warrior: The ability "Forceful Kick" and "Hack" starts the general cooldown Fixed the bug of the spell "Crushing Blow" which allowed to use spells during flight World: Increased amount of the drop Registry of Astral Deposits in 2 times Item Mall: Added Box of Crystal Tears with Crystal Tear of the Dragon (Does not consumed after use...
Update 22.09.2014
Сhanges: Items: Reduced the cooldown of Amulet of Renunciation down to 10 days. Removed from the sale Cinnabar Increased the number of issued "Astral Keys" up to 30 Added Animality Chests: Added Radiant Strongbox of the Tamer Added Large Radiant Strongbox Service: Added Mirror Scroll Server will be restarting at 12:00 AM by GMT. Administration.
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