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Update 09.10.2015
Сhanges: Mage: The ability "Astral Body" absorbs 20% more damage. The ability "Hypnosis" was fixed. Battleground: Changed prices of the Scrolls of the Mirroring Spell (required for create equipments level 55 legendary quality) to 150 emblems. Added 3 types of Anti-magic aura at the cost of 200,300 and 600 Battleground Emblems. World: Fixed bug with fo...
Hotfix 09.01.2015
Сhanges: World: Changed the PVP statuses of some locations. Mausoleum of Sparks: Sent permanent rewards and purified rating. Server will be restarting at 12:00 AM by GMT. Administration.
Update 08.27.2015
Сhanges: Warrior: All race abilities have cooldown 2 minutes. Players cant use any spells when the spell Headbutt is used to one. The ability "Thick Plate" increases armor if you equip the dual weapons Psionicist: The spell "Will Suppression" doesn't interrupt the spell of warrior "Charge" Warden: Reduced the cast time of the spell &quo...
Update 08.20.2015
Сhanges: Champion's Dominion: When you win the "Champion's Dominion" you will receive 1.5k coupons. The Besieged Camp: Dear players, today we have added the new location "The Besieged Camp". The number of visits: You can visit this event 3 times. (13:00, 17:00, 20:00) You need to speak with Portal to enter on this location. At the first, you ne...
Update 08.04.2015
Сhanges: World: The "Edict of Conclave" was fixed. The quest "Artifacts of the Odds" is daily. The reward of one: 5 Tokens of Prize Basil. (Combine 100 of these tokens to obtain Prize Basil's Harness) Now the location "Kirah" is pvp zone. Added Lucky Ticket. NPC: Roughneck Family and Yaskul Sekhet Maunts: The Slider now doesn't bind w...
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