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Launcher update
Dear players, we are finished to work on new launcher. Changes: - now launcher does not change time, so you can play in internet(game) clubs - now launcher does not using other launcher to start game, so launch process going much faster - added hosts check for modification, if someone try to trait our server - some stability fixes That's all. Enjoy!
Hot fix 08.10.2014
Сhanges: Necromancer Ability "Insidious Touch" no longer affects on the cooldown abilities "Ghostly Cover" Server will be restarting at 12:00 AM by GMT. Administration/
The gifts for new guilds
Dear Players! From today we have opportunity to use the new offer for the new guilds! The bonuses for the new guilds which want to come on our project! Each guild which suits for the requirements, can receive: If guild has 15 players then receive the bonus 15 level and 50,000 crystals on the needs of the guild. If guild has 20 players - 16 level and 60,000 cry...
New referral system
Today the new referral system will start on Allodspvp 4.0. How does it work? In your personal profile there is a referral link which you can give your friends, acquaintances, etc. After that if these players use our donation system then you will receive 5% from their donations. Administration.
Update 08.09.2014
Сhanges: Classes: Mage The periodic damage of the spell "Fire Shock" is affected regardless of the success infliction the primary damage. Now a magician can impose the spell "Ice Tomb" even if target has the same effect and the effect of "Ice Tomb" is changed. Necromancer The ability "Frightful Presence" reduces the obtained crit...
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