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Update 01.26.2015
Changers: World: Included the battleground 'Scarlet Bastion'. (The event's working in test mode. If you find some errors you will be able to contact with Administration via private messages) Reworked effect "Faction in the minority". Added a special effect which improves stats of members of the weak faction. To alignment the strength of factions when o...
Happy New Year and Christmas!
Dear players, wishing you a joyous Holiday Season and a New Year of peace and happiness! From Administration
Update 12.26.2014
Changers: Mounts: Overlord's Aegis: Increased the health Overlord's Throne: Increased the health June Dreadnought: Increased the health Missile Barrage: Increased the damage Battle Ground: Reduced the amount of players what needed to start Deserted Farm Reduced the amount of players what needed to start Witch's Hollow Mage: The ability 'Hoarfrost' give...
Update 12.16.2014
Changers: Mounts: Overlord's Aegis: increased movement speed. June Dreadnought: increased movement speed. Overlord's Throne: increased movement speed. Beam of Fire: increased damage by 3% Beam of Ice: increased damage by 3% Beam of Electricity: increased damage by 3% Scorching Ray: increased damage by 10% Missile Barrage: increased damage by 15% Rocket Burst: increa...
Update 12.05.2014
Changers: Healer: Abilities Holy Blast and Celestial Judgement give chance 45% to get the effect of Fanaticism Increased the damage of the ability Holy Blast and Celestial Judgement by 20% Ability Frenzy gives opportunity to get the effect Frenzy with chance 10% Ability Unbridled Wrath increases the chance to get the effect Frenzy on 2\4\6% Ability Blessed Resolution: red...
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