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Who can't connect to the server
Dear players! Who can't connect to the server temporarily use this ip address account_srv_host = "" account_srv_port = 9337 Change to: account_srv_host = "" account_srv_port = 9337 or account_srv_host = "" account_srv_port = 9337 Allods\Pr...
Technical maintenance
Dear players! At 2:00 AM GMT on the server will be technical maintenance. Maintenance will be completed in 1 hour.
Emergency technical maintenance was completed!
Dear players! We had the problem with the web server. A work of the web server was restored. Sorry for inconvenience.
Event Cards of Destiny
[background=rgb(18, 17, 15)]Dear Players![/background] [background=rgb(18, 17, 15)]We prepared event "Cards of Destiny" which timed woman's day. [/background][background=rgb(18, 17, 15)]The event will be working from March 8 till March 9.[/background] Some info(pic):
Happy women’s day!
The world is a better place because of the presence of women, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends or wives… no matter what their role is. They add meaning to our existence… They bring love to our life. Happy women’s day!
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