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Update 02.24.2015
Changes: Tep's Pyramid: Grimnoth: reduced damage at the 2nd stage Corrosion: reduced basic damage Corrosion: the effect reduces correctly damage of Self-propelled Mortar Paladin: Certain Victory: now it works correctly World: Now you can exchange Bronze Medal "Allods PvP" to Silver Medals "Allods PvP" Optimized the hardware server Item Mall: Added...
Update 02.17.2015
Changes: World: Fire Elemental imposes only one stack of a debuff burn. Fire Elemental: added Bronze Medal "Allods PvP" into the drop list Fire Elemental: increased price of common items Quest 'Hearts of Scorching Elementals': added a new reward 'Silver Medal "Allods PvP"' Octulhu: added Platinum Medal "Allods PvP" into the drop...
Update 02.03.2015
Changes: Tep's Peramid: Self-propelled Mortar was reduced the health. Grimnoth was reduced the health. Steel Sword Bearer was reduced the health and the damage. 'Box with a Mechanical Lock' correctly drops from Grimnoth. World: Fixed the bug, which caused the bards can use 3 and more songs. Added the new service 'Change Class System'. Added the new serv...
Update 01.26.2015
Changers: World: Included the battleground 'Scarlet Bastion'. (The event's working in test mode. If you find some errors you will be able to contact with Administration via private messages) Reworked effect "Faction in the minority". Added a special effect which improves stats of members of the weak faction. To alignment the strength of factions when o...
Happy New Year and Christmas!
Dear players, wishing you a joyous Holiday Season and a New Year of peace and happiness! From Administration
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