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Update 11.18.2014
Сhanges: Scout: Increased the damage of Tesla Arrows by 25% Reduced the energy costs of Double Shot The ability Marksmanship was increased the damage by 7\14\21% Increased the damage of Incendiary Arrows by 15% and increased the duration time by 15 sec Increased the damage of ability Eagle Vision by 2\4\6% Necromancer: Now Wandering Fever instantly fir...
Update 11.05.2014
Сhanges: Schedules of Events for November: 11.06.2014 - Lottery: Archeologist's Strongbox. Duration: 7 days. [spoiler]Description: The player who has opened the most Radiant Strongboxes in a day will win an Enchanted Dragon Hide Backpack! You can buy Radiant Strongboxes from the Item Shop in the Chests section. As soon as the winner is decided the Radiant Strongbox...
Update 10.29.2014
Сhanges: Increased the damage of goblins in the maze: Cheeky Goblin Sneaky Goblin Nippy Goblin Grumpy Goblin Funky Goblin Sparky Goblin Symbol of Head Goblin now costs 700 Signs Grumpy Goblin now costs 600 Signs Item Mall: Added Phony Goblin Added Magical Folio Added New Year Celebration Cloak Added Snowy Cloak Added Ceremonial Helm of the Paladin Added Wings of Frosty T...
Update 10.20.2014
Сhanges: Scout: Increased a damage of the effect of the bleeding wound, received by the spell Crippling Blow, by 15% Reduced the cooldown of the spell Caltrops by 55\50\45 seconds Reduced the cooldown of the spell Sambo Roll by 25\20\15 seconds Increased the damage of the ability Fencing Master by 2\4\6\8% Increased the damage of melee at...
Update 10.15.2014
Сhanges: Nihil: Reduced the base damage of a boss. Fixed a spell Storm blades. Reduced damage of protective turrets. Sihal: Reduced the base damage of the boss. Reduced damage of illusions of Sihal Reduced damage of Plague Shadow Reduced damage of a spell Breath of Darkness World: The cooldawn of Scroll oblivion reduced to 7 days Fixed Epic Case of the Gem Maker Item Ma...
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