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DDoS Attack
Dear players! Our web servers is under DDoS attack. We are trying to fix this problem. Game server is online. Administration.
Reasons of the technical restart
You know we fixed glyph exploit recently. Some players got large amount of 56 glyphs without coming through full cycle. This situation created disbalance on server and led to complains and dissatisfaction among the players. Due to this unpleasant situation we had to take some actions. So the following solution was found: we decreased the cheated glyphs' level to 55th. I...
Update 05.15.2015
Events: Adventurer's Strongbox. Duration: 7 days. [spoiler]This box can reward you with Vial of Life or a Vial of Death that can be used unlimited amount of times and are not consumed after use, Reinforced Armor that protects from the Thunderstrike, or elixirs which increase your stats temporarily. Reward: Ghost Ship Design[/spoiler] Сhanges: Ring of immortals: Dear ...
Update 05.01.2015
Changes: World: Reduced the health of Support Pillar Fixed bug that prevented enter to Grimnoth after death Fixed mechanics work of Self-propelled Mortar Fixed Elevator in the Pyramid Tep(Grimnoth) Warrior: Fixed ability "Vicious Spin" which caused immune to spells of control Battleground: Witch's Hollow and Deserted Farm: in one group can be players from d...
Update 04.18.2015
Changes: Warior: The spell "Charge" doesn't launch the global cooldown for the spell "Lunge" Scout: The shooting distance was reduced. Healer: The spell "Holy Rage" was reduced the cooldown by 5 second. Bard: The ability "Rock and Roll" was fixed. Warden: The ability "Monk's Way" gives the bonus to damage, a rank...
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