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Update 07.01.2015
Сhanges: Events: Inventor's Strongbox. Duration: 7 days [spoiler]Every night at 11:00 PM PST the player who has opened the most Radiant Strongboxes in a day will win a Multi-Barreled Turret! You can buy Radiant Strongboxes from the Item Shop in the Chests section. As soon as the winner is decided the Radiant Strongbox count will reset for all players. Hurry up, thi...
Update 06.25.2015
Сhanges: Tropical Atoll: Added a special box into the rewards of quest "Tipsy Marathon" on the Tropical Atoll(You will receive 20 boxes). Now it's daily quest. Box rewards: Astral Replicator Amalgam x5 Crystal Chips (30 pcs.) Helper: Magpie - 7 days Enchanted Scroll of Purification Master Goblin x3 Powerful Elixir of Strength Powerful Elixir of Expertise Pow...
Transfer System
Dear players! Today we have launched a new function “Transfer system from other project” You will receive: 1.Premium crystals 2.Beginners Box (When you open this box you will receive): 1st and 2nd page of Page from the Great Mage's Diary [size=4][b]1st and 2nd book of The Study of Perfection[/size][/b] Skillful Jeweler Manuscript Scroll of the Deadly Wizard G...
Update 06.09.2015
Сhanges: Dominion: Now the victory on the dominion gives players coupons. Summoner: The Ability "Poisoned Blood" gives bonus for will 3%\6%\9% according the rank. The spell "Howl of Death" consumptions 3 drops of bloods. If your target has below 50% of the health this skill deals 30% damage more. The Ability "Toxic Weakness" increases chance ...
Update 05.30.2015
Сhanges: Scout: Merciless Shot was reworked: Cast time: 2s Cooldown: rank 1 - 2 min, rank 2 - 1,3 min. The ability "Rapid Heartbeat" restores 10 additional energy every 5 seconds at rank 3. Mage: The spell "Fire Trap" was fixed (Dismounts mounts of enemies correctly) Healer: The ability "Light's Reach": now ability gives the critical hea...
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