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Update 04.18.2015
Changes: Warior: The spell "Charge" doesn't launch the global cooldown for the spell "Lunge" Scout: The shooting distance was reduced. Healer: The spell "Holy Rage" was reduced the cooldown by 5 second. Bard: The ability "Rock and Roll" was fixed. Warden: The ability "Monk's Way" gives the bonus to damage, a rank...
Update 04.09.2015
Changes: Warrior: The ability "Streetfighter" doesn't give additional stun time for the spell "Charge". The ability "Thumbs Down" gives damage bonus on knocked down enemies on a rank 1 - 5%\ a rank 2 - 10%\ a rank 3 - 15% The spell "Forceful Kick" launches the global cooldown for the spell "Lunge". The spell &q...
Update 03.30.2015
Changes: The new weapon for Platinum Medal: Added One-Hand Spear (with physical stats) Mercenaries: Every Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday mercenaries (Slasher, Vandal, Scout, Wizard) will be strengthened. The mercenary Priest will be strengthened always. World: Changed amount of money, which receive for quests: Knowledge is Power: The Fourth Lesson Knowledge is Power: The F...
Update 03.23.2015
Changes: World: Added opportunity to open the astral layer 'A11' Reworked 'Mysterious Astral Map', now when you use one you get opportunity to open 'A11' layer. Added needed astral map to open 'A11' layer into the rewards of 'A10' layers All rawards from bosses of A11 layer was raised to x2 rate. A11 layer gives more authority for gui...
Update 03.10.2015
Changes: Tep's Pyramid: Grimnoth: Reduced the health of mobs for 3th stage. Private Allod: Horn of Abundance: reduced the time for production rewards. Horn of Abundance: increased amount of rewards (except Astrale Granite). Horn of Abundance: Reduced time to repair. All rewards in Maze increased at 2 times. World: Removed Platinum Medal "Allods PvP" Added Go...
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